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Cricket Support - Applaud

I ordered a sim card and 40 gb package for my own data device (unlocked; not a Cricket device but checked as compatible).  It was over-nighted, received Friday, 10/16/20, and after trying to get service myself, I called Support on Saturday, 10/17/20, and spoke with Philip.  As I did Software Support for 30 years, I had an idea of what needed to be done.  Philip worked with me for some 50 minutes after which the phone call dropped.  I think we were on the right track but I never heard from Philip again and decided other  things would take precedence.  I called again on Tuesday, 10/20/20 and got Elsa in support.  Although very polite, I was of the opinion Elsa was out of her element with a "non-standard" data device particularly when she suggested to me that I take the sim card to my "local" Cricket store to have it tested (a more than 20 mile drive one way).  I then asked for a supervisor as my husband & I were ready to "chuck" Cricket.  After some time on hold (multiple times), Elsa politely asked if she could call back when a supervisor was available as they were all quite busy at that time.  I agreed.  30 minutes later, she called back as promised and connected me with Elvis R. 

I was dubious but I worked with Elvis R.  He took the time to reconfirm that the device, per the Cricket website was compatible as well as calling my previous provider to confirm that the device was truly unlocked.  Elvis R. did quite a bit of research and headed down the same tack that Philip had but Elvis R. did not give up and much to my delight, Elvis R. was able to change the data device settings to work with Cricket.  Kudos to Elvis R for his perseverance!!!  It took some 50+ minutes on the phone with him.  However, it was time well spent!  Elvis R. noted he would write up the resolution and share it with Support so that no one else who has my same device will be troubled by this difficulty!

Cricket should thank their Lucky Stars that they hired Mr. Elvis R.  Not only was he determined to keep us as Cricket customers, he was intelligent, and a delight with which to work.  Elvis R. deserves a raise and has my respect! Smiley Very Happy

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