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Customer service

I am not a Cricket Wireless customer, but had desired to be today but after the horrible treatment that I received by your customer service representatives over the phone, I felt compelled to report this to your attention and wanted to tell you that I may not ever be a customer in the future if my issue cannot be resolved in a timely manner that truly assists me and shows how important that I am as a customer, potentially, of Cricket Wireless.

The problem started this afternoon when I attempted to order a phone, and service online. I proceeded through the process with little to no problems at all finding the phones reasonably priced, and the service prices fair as well.  When I got to the final part in the ordering process where was supposed to click "place my order" to complete the order I did do, and the system froze and seemingly did not process the order through.  HOWEVER, my bank showed that the order had been completed.  So I looked through my email for the promised email that would have my confirmation number and my tracking information and to my dismay, I did not find anything from cricket wireless.  So, since my bank had already processed the order I decided to call customer service and get the needed information for confirmation.
On my first called I talked to a gentleman named "Frank" who asked for my name, and the 4 digit pin number I created and he told me "I found your information, could you please verify for confirmation number for me?"  I told him that was the reason that I had called and proceeded to tell him about my online order experience.  IN the middle of telling him that, he rudely interrupted me and told me that he could not help me with anything without that confirmation number, and then,,,he hung up on me.
Obviously infuriated, I called right back and was on hold for about 10 minutes then spoke with someone called "Angel".  I will say that she was very friendly, and genuinely seemed to want to help...but somehow between my calling "Frank" and then talking to her, my order had been "cancelled".  So it took some time to find my information and it was at that time she told me about my order being cancelled.  I explained to her that I had not cancelled the order and I only wanted my confirmation and tracking information.  From that point we proceeded to have several minutes of conversation, then several minutes of being on hold that repeated 3 to 4 times.  Everyone of those conversations essentially ended the same way: Cricket could not complete my order, nor could they refund my money so I could redoo the order.
After this I was passed off to someone called "Emmanuel" who proceeded to tell me that the problem was really "mine" and that cricket could not do anything.  He suggested that I go back online and try to do the order over again and I told him that I would not do this because my experience with Cricket thus far had been poor and that I did not trust them to be financially responsible since there was already $103 dollars taken out of my account.  I told him that I would that if I could get an immediate refund on my account and he proceeded to tell me "I have no idea how long your bank will refund your money."  I told him that it wasn't the bank that had my money, that it was Cricket wireless, and he then rudely said to me "Well then, Cricket can't help you because we have no idea how fast our system can process a refund and because of that, this conversation has become redundant and waste of my time"...I asked him for his information and he gave me his name and this number I67621047 as a reference number and then he hung up on me.
My problem, honestly, is an easy problem to be fixed!
1-I made an order
2-The bank shows the order completed
3-Cricket neglected to get confirmation and shipping information to me
4-Someone or something at Cricket cancelled my order...and I really wanted my order, I did not cancel it!
5-Cricket now has my money with NO assurance of a refund, that I don't really want.
Here is what I want: Can someone please get my my confirmation number and my tracking information so that I can have assurance that my order is on its way, and so that I can be a valued cricket customer?
I certainly deserved better treatment than I got today.
Gary Davis
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Re: Customer service

Hello @transformission

We sincerely apologize for the frustrations you have experienced. If you did not get to the final step that shows your order number or receive an e-mail with an order number then the order was not completed. The charges you see are pre-authorization charges and will fall off within 3 business days. You can attempt another order at anytime. 


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