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Mobile hot spot capabilities

Will I have 15gb mobile hot spot data already included with the $60 monthly data plan? And likewise will my mobile hot spot have the capability to connect to my wireless HP OfficeJet 4650 printer? And will the signals between each device automatically search and find each devices connectivity compatibility? And/or both will I need a wireless printer app in coordination with the mobile hot spot data on my Motorola e5 cuise mobile phone?
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Re: Mobile hot spot capabilities

Hello @skyangel213177,

Thank you for your post. The new $60 Cricket More plan includes 15 Gb of hotspot usage at high speeds. You will need a device that is on our eligible phone list linked below to use the feature. The hotspot setting will need to be activated in order to connect a device to your phone's hotspot. We recommend reaching out to HP regarding the specific requirements to connect to and print from your printer.


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