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New Activation

I stopped by local store which closed@ 7 pm I arrived @6:15 after work only one in the store I explained I planning on switching my verzion service but wasn't sure of service or offers she explained no worries try the phone out and come back I paid 220.00 unlimited package and phone upgrade for trail her friend showed up and she informed me that she was there before me and activate both phones at the same time first phone was defective and said she call her boss for approval to switch the new phone which never held phone give and another phone never explained nothing else but we close @ 7 pm I tried phone went back this afternoon after work this arrived before 6 pm I explained please use verzion number and informed me this extra cost for new SIM card and now the free phone with unlimited service would not be credited even switching from verzion so asked her what's options do I have you never explained this yesterday evening as I would waited this less 24hrs she said you can get your refund but the phone case could be not be credited out 220.00 I got credit of 84.00 which she never explained to me before she handed me the receipt and I asked she told me I should read receipt you give me had all 000 with no cost posted I asked if reactivate my new phone since wasn't
Getting near my investment I just paid less than 24 hrs she said no I called customer service after waiting both times over 30 mins the first lady that spoke broken English said you do it on line the second call over 39 mins and broken English the guy said im trying activate your phone after I explained what had happened just looking for some advice thought going to another location Saturday in attempt to see if they can help
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