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Not a Question Just Need to Say This

I had Cricket Wireless for less than a month, they were $20 less ($30mth) than my old carrier and looking over the coverage map it showed perfect coverage around my home and work. That was not the case. At this time I was also in the market for a new phone since I had, had the same one for the last 3 years so I purchased a Iphone 7+ (roughly $380) when going into their service. When I decided to leave they refused to unlock my phone (which they ARE ABLE to do) so that I could go back to my previous carrier. I spent 30 minutes over chat with a representative that stated he could not help me (and could care less) because I had not been with the company for 6 months. Why would I have service with a company for 6 months that I never had good service with and never received half of my text messages?! This rep directed me to sprint and sprint then directed me to Apple. Apple stated they were unable to unlock the phone and the carrier was definitely able to do so. At this point mind you Cricket had already cancelled my account so I had no phone (using my boyfriends phone). I called Cricket one more time in hopes of getting somewhere with an escalation and that did not get me anywhere. He stated there was a way around it but it would cost money. Why in the world did I just spent $380 on a phone just to have to turn around and pay someone even more money to unlock it? I am beyond livid and I may or may not be able to keep the same number I have had for over 10 years now. Absolutely horrible customer service and absolute false advertising when it comes to the coverage map. There should be something in their policy that states if the service isn't what it's suppose to be then they either 1) need to buy the phone back at the price they sold it to the customer for or 2) need to unlock the phone. Of course neither of these options were offered to me. I just wasted almost 4 hours of my life and apparently $380. Thanks for nothing Cricket and by the way I have filed a complaint with the BBB.

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Re: Not a Question Just Need to Say This

@jmcox8887 All carriers lock their phones to their network until certain requirements are met. You likely received a discount when you bought the phone meaning Cricket took a loss. Requiring you to stay on their network for 6 months is how they earn that back. 

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