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Potential cricket customer

I have straighttalk phone plan and service but I'm in an area where service is very poor I've also got bad credit current past due Bill's with sprint and Verizon I want to switch to cricket but I was told cricket is ATT so will I be denied service or have to pay a big deposit I want crickets no plan deal and if I am a cricket member soon and need an upgrade will I run into issues with adding upgrade to ATT service plan since cricket is now owned by ATT ???
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Re: Potential cricket customer

@Milliron2020 Thank you for visiting and posting on the Cricket Community Forum! We are a subsidiary of AT&T. We are a pre-paid wireless service and we will do not ask for a deposit or run your credit. All you have to do is pay for activation fee of $25.00 in store, a device and the first months bill.

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