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Reason to stay????

First off let me say I am beyond frustrated now with Cricket. This is getting obsurd. First I never get anywhere near my 10gis for my hotspot data before being cut off. I believe most ive actually gotten was a little over 6 gigs. And then they lie about the speed youll be dropped to once you got over the 10gigs. What I read was youll be slowed down to speeds about 183kbs. I have used 6 different devices, in 14 different locations and performed an astonishing amount of speed tests. DIdnt matter if I had 1 bar or full 5 bars. I never once ever got a speed over 27kbs. That is 100% completely unusable. Thats slower than old school dial up. I actually tried to write this out a few days ago but my data hadnt been reset yet. I had to refresh trying to load the webpage 7 times and it still never fully loaded. 45 minutes late and still nothing. Why? Because you get nothing. For 10 dollars a month added for hotspot it needs to be unlimited . Or at least usable.

And now to make matters worse and to make me more upset than ive ever been at a single company or service. I have the cheap piece of crap Alcatel Verso they gave for free a few months ago. The phone itself is absolutely horrible. BUT... this phone is stupidly defective and cricket knows it and still sells it. Constant over heating , turns off my hotspot over and over again, poor battery performance, poor RAM performance. THis phone sucks. So yesterday my phone ove rheated and cut itself off 4 times. So I just left the CRicket store. After i was called a liar (because evidently these phones have never had problems according to the sales woman) they then proceeded to tell me that even if i was telling the truth then its obvious I dont know how to use my phone correctly. Say what? Is this how you treat your customers ? She called me a liar. She actually said "YOu are lying" to my face.

So now i have 3 options. 1) buy a new phone, which I cant afford. 2) use a warranty claim and get the exact same phone which everyone has problems with back. NO thx. or 3) Leave Cricket. Why should I stay after how ive been treated today ? Will CRicket give me a real reason to stay or just further proving what ive been reading all along in that they dont care about their customers.

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Re: Reason to stay????

Oh yeah and lets not forget all the spam calls and daily spam texts i get since joining Cricket. Never got these before. But now its like 10-15 a day. Its obvious they sold me out.

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