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Worse customer service I have ever experienced!

Customer service??  NOT!  Customer disservice! YES!

Get this, I ordered a new line to add on July 27th. Sim card sent overnight to be received by July 28th.  Card never delivered as of Aug 3rd, 7 days later!  Called customer disservice July 29th to get another card sent.  Said they could not do that.  Told them card is lost. Disservice said for me to wait for the card and send it back.  Told them again the card is not coming, they then told me to call UPS customer service to have the card traced.  UPS will not allow me to do that because I am not the sender, CRICKET IS THE SENDER AND NEEDS TO CONTACT UPS, AND THEY REFUSE TO DO IT!  They (Francis) then forced me me to call customer service AGAIN!  Got the same UPS message that A) UPS has no customer service representatives because of Covid-19, and according to the website only the sender can change the delivery of the package, which still has not arrived.

At this point I have spent HOURS on the phone just to get the lost sim card replaced, something Cricket will not do!  What horrible service!  Unbelievable!

To make matters even worse, the phone number I was transferring is now locked up with Cricket and the line is "awaiting activation" and I cannot start over again and request a new number or add another line in any other way!

There is something seriously wrong with Cricket.  Nothing has never been lost in transit before?  Obviously they just don't care at all about the customer.

So here I sit with a phone I need activated which Cricket won't activate because they won't replace the sim card, stuck with a phone number I need working but cannot because Cricket locked the number to the lost sim card, and I cannot start over with another number because Cricket will not allow activating another line until the previous has been activated which I cannot do because Cricket will not sent me sim card!

What incredible arrogance!  What a horrible company!

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Re: Worse customer service I have ever experienced!

I will totally agree with you Cricket has gone to Pot !! My Husband & I have been customers for 3 years & we are now looking for another service. The will not stand behind the Warranty
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