Text Messages Delayed/Never Received

  • 22 January 2021
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We switched two phones from Verizon and my work phone from Straight Talk all over to Cricket. All three are different versions of the iPhone, the newest being an iPhone 11 and the oldest being an iPhone 6. We immediately noticed texts messages can be extremely delayed, some never sending or being received at all. This happens on a daily basis. All phones have iOS up to date and all phones were troubleshooted with everything under the sun found on the internet. We also noticed things that use WiFi are now slower (also thoroughly troubleshooted), and we don’t get Ring doorbell notifications until two minutes after someone leaves our front stoop. Is this SIM card related? Server related? And ultimately, is this something that can be fixed? If not we will need to switch immediately, as my work phone often requires a prompt response to text messages.


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This has begun happening to me and my wife, especially with MMS, but it does happen with SMS as well.

We've tested it while on the line with one another and others. Texts have taken several minutes to reach their destination, and occasionally we'll get an error message, "Couldn't send message". 

Now I'm not an expert, but I pretty much know it has something to do with the service, as we've had Cricket since November, but we've only had issues during the last month. 


I just started having this issue, 2-3 weeks maybe.   Some test messages sent or received are days old.  Very sporadic as to when it happens.  It’s not just my phone, it’s 3 of the 4 on the plan. The one without issues doesn’t use text.  


We are experiencing delayed and missed text messages, slow WiFi, and delayed Ring doorbell notifications on our iPhones after switching to Cricket from Verizon and Straight Talk. We have tried troubleshooting with no success, and we suspect this may be server-related or SIM card-related. Additionally, we are concerned about the hosting company ignoring DMCA requests. Can this issue be resolved, or should we switch to a different provider?