Bridge Pay

  • 31 July 2018
  • 1 reply

I'm so frustrated. I have 2 different accounts with cricket. I did a bridge pay for the first time ever and I missed the day I was suppose to pay the remander. After figuring it out I paid what was due. Reminder this phone is not mine or in my house. I'm helping a child in need. They activate the phone as soon as I pay to only turn it back off 24 hours later because they want 10 more dollars. There is no help or budging with this. They told me I could take my accounts somewhere else. I would be understanding not just a year ago they hadn't allowed my ex to change my number I had for 11 yrs. That was also connected to my business. When that happened it was oops we don't know how it happened. I mad an oopps and it was screw you.. Rules are rules...

1 reply

Yes Bridge payment! I made first bridge payment on time. Second one I was 1 day late and made final payment I thought and service was turned back on. The next morning service was off again and was told to pay $10 extra per line total $32 for second late bridge payment. The Month with cricket. Had them for 2yrs I’m done. Worst company policies ever and will file civil this time.