Web site not working made payment on quick pay did not go through

  • 1 October 2019
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I set up bridge pay last night I made the 2nd payment of $50.00 got a confirmation screen with all details but no confirmation number . Went on line and checked payment due it showed no payment until October 23,2019. Two hour later my account was suspended now its telling payment due is $90.00. What the heck is going on I've had this account for 5 years . Just before that I kept getting this other screen saying oops something went wrong, Can some one help me.Conferm.jpgInkedScreenshot_2019-09-30-22-37-15_LI.jpg








3 replies

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@Mycricket2007 Welcome to the forum! Your best bet to get this resolved is to contact their customer service. This is a community forum that is more for members asking general questions and helping others out. There are some Cricket employees on here, but they don't reply to everything. 

I'm having the exact same problem right now except it wasn't even letting me get into my account. Kept saying "your account is unavailable" but then finally I got logged in on desktop and it said "Oops something went wrong." It went to the confirmation page for the payment anyway but the confirmation number was missing and I didn't get a confirmation text. I tried to pay twice buy out of concern that cricket would charge me twice once it eventually went through I didn't try anymore. They cut of my phone service in the morning and my brother, who is also on the account, paid the full payment (instead of the half payment we were supposed to pay) in the morning. I called customer support to get help since it's not my fault it's late since their system glitched out when I was attempting to pay it on time and they told me nothing is wrong with their system and that they would see a failed payment. However, if your system didn't even work to make the payment of course it's not gonna show an attempted payment. I have screenshots of the error message I got when I signed in and they're trying to tell me that their system was working perfectly last night.

I am a new customer to Cricket Wireless and bought a new phone last month.  This is the first month I have tried to pay my account online and tried twice yesterday with my bank debit card.  My bill is due May 3.  I went to Pay my Bill, put in credit card, etc and hit submit.  At first it also said my cricket account was unavailable and then it did appear to process my debit card but it still showed a bill was due, so I also put in the debit card again and it did not go through.  I chatted with a nonhelpful real customer service agent and she said no payment is showing and your bill it due and said you could set up bill pay which I prefer not to do right now.