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I would like to know how to file a complaint through the corporate office the number that they have keeps ringing busy and every time you talk to one of the customer service representatives and ask them to get you to check over to someone they hang the phone up on you when you ask for a supervisor or anything so I need to reach someone to file a complaint and have someone to listen to those calls because this is ridiculous

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Hello @theresaperry1

We apologize for any troubles. You can reach corporate management via social media be sending a dm in twitter to @cricketsupport or via private message on Facebook (


My phone was damaged and I had to postpone service 5 days early. When I fixed the device I turned it on and was told I wouldn't have to pay a reconnection fee. You lied and took five days away from my plan to pay that fee. I've had to many problems with cricket and will bad mouth to anybody who considers them !
I'm needing to get my phone number changed if it's possible I'm getting calls they are going to murder me and my kids I've already reported it to Lamesa Police Department they informed me that it was best to get a new phone number but I know y'all charge 15 to get number changed but I don't get any time of money until the 1st of each month please my kids and my life are in danger need phone number changed please
I'm needing to get my phone number changed I've been getting messages and phone calls that they are going to murder use me and my kids life's are in danger I've already reported this to the Lamesa Police Department they informed and advice me to get my number changed as soon as possible we're are in danger I know y'all charge 15 to get number changed but I have no kind of money to pay for my phone number changed I get government benefits on the 1st of each month is there any way y'all can recommend getting my phone number changed free this one time are life's are really in danger please cricket wireless in begging y'all please change my phone number please.

I need to file a complaint with the satff who work at 5510 4th st ste.260 lubbock, tx 79416 806 993-0109. We purchased three different items. One being a phone case for a stylo 5. That same day the clip snapped off, November 15, 2019. Spending our hard earned money on your items. Went back the same day and the retailer guy said they did not have anymore in stock ,so he kept the broken case and the package from my husband, then he said they would order one and we could come by Thursday November 21 2019 to get a new one. We arrived friday November 22, 2019. (On top of that i dont not live in lubbock. I live 30 mins away only visit when i have to)... The manager jennifer g told my husband that we had a warranty on the items we bought but how can we get another case if the retail guy who works for cricket kept our broken caseand box and threw it away. Now they are telling me that there is nothing they can do about it. They threw it away, so now i can't get a new one with my warranty because they lied and are so rude in handling with customers. Wow nice going with the manager and horrible customer service. This needs to get fix asap. My name is Lidia <removed>and I am a cricket customer. <removed>

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Don't post your name and number on here... Especially over a case that would cost you $8 to buy online.

Well I am here at cricket in Lafayette Indiana and I was told to leave the store than he could run across the road to get Dunkin donuts!!! And have been waiting for him to get back for 30 mins I am pissed
Hello my name is keakeaokalani kaaikaula. I cracked my phone on Jan 5, 2020 and decided to see if I could get a replacement phone or have the one I have fixed. So the next day after work I go to cricket at pearl Kai shopping center Hawaii and inquire about it. I asked if they fixed cracked screens the girl there said no but you could upgrade to a better phone so I look at the available phones and decide on a LG phone. She rings me up adds on a case and warentee which came up to $237.13 which I payed. Then as she was explaining to me how the case had a clip I changed my mind and told her I don't think I want the new phone I'd like to shop around a bit. She then told me all sales are final which I argued that it can't be final I haven't left the store or even touched the phone nor any accessories. After giving me a hard time she finally agreed to give me my money back. But when she did it was $25 short. She said that the activation fee isn't refundable. But she hadn't even activated she refunds me $212.13. I asked her for her name because she wasn't wearing any nametag. She ignored my request and walked into the back of the store. Upset I just leave and figured I'd check online later. I left the store at 6:52pm according to my reciept (invoice #22869in8963). So I get in my car and drive offupset. At the traffic light I try to call a customer that I was supposed to give an estimate for a upcoming job, to find out I have no service whatsoever. No phone no internet no nothing. Only emergency calls. I turn around and go back to the store to find the doors lock and the girl who was helping me laughing at me from inside the store. Now I'm pissed. But she screwed me pretty good because I couldn't call customer service because they were closed already and the store was also closed so I have to wait til the next day to get my phone back on. I lost the job I was supposed to give the estimate too. Along with one other job as well. So right now I'm using a friend's hotspot to write this email to you. I have another 5.5 hours before I can call customer service for help. I hope this isn't the type of customer service cricket is about. And I would hope that something will be done about this. Tomorrow morning I will be calling customer service to reconnect my phone.
Thankyou for your time. I just had to write to you folks and let you know the kind of inconsiderate and down right spiteful service this particular employee has given me. So not only did I loose out on two potential jobs but I lost the $25 activation fee as well. Not to mention the inconvenience I have to endure...


Keakeaokalani kaaikaula
It started on March 16, 2020. I made a $60 dollar payment to cricket on the 12th of March.....they unauthorised stold $60 more dollars of my card on the 16th of I called my bank and told them that a unauthorized transaction happened with cricket and I neeed my money back. So my bank had replaced the money that they took from you know after I had froze my bank account do you know that cricketwireless had went into my bank account and stole my $60 when I called them and asked for my money back that they had took from me , their response was no.....and they was trying to make it see like I was the one who did it.....I have different bank statements and proof that they stole money from me. And whoever would risk their job from cricket wireless is stupid. Bathsheba Duggan.....
It started on March 16, 2020. I made a $60 dollar payment to cricket on the 12th of March.....they unauthorised stold $60 more dollars of my card on the 16th of I called my bank and told them that a unauthorized transaction happened with cricket and I neeed my money back. So my bank had replaced the money that they took from you know after I had froze my bank account do you know that cricketwireless had went into my bank account and stole my $60 when I called them and asked for my money back that they had took from me , their response was no.....and they was trying to make it see like I was the one who did it.....I have different bank statements and proof that they stole money from me.
I had set up a bridge pay on my account paid 30$ I’ve been with the company since 2011 so I know how bridge pay works this was the first time I tried to extend it I called the day before it was to expire to see what I needed I work in the hospital in Las Vegas Nevada and I’m not able to stay on the phone I called once my shift
Ended and was on the line for 3 1/2 hours trying to extend my bridge pay I never got an answer so I still paid another 30$ my service was interrupted and I need my phone I again on 3/21 called first thing to try and reach an agent with no support to healthcare workers no support in understanding I tried reaching someone before my service was suspended all I
Received was a sorry over and over the world is going through a crisis I’m a military mom with soldiers deployed out of the country who try and contact me as well and myself
working at the hospital I need my phone service activated this is not okay I also have images of my call time and proof of payment I made t extend this bridge pay if this isn’t corrected I will leave cricket wireless as my my cellular provider this isn’t how to treat customers

Lolice Gallon
I’m filing this complaint due to poor customer service I had set up a bridge pay to on 3/14 paid 30$ I called back on 3/19 to see how to extend my bridge pay first time doing so I gathered my funds on 3/20 after work I called 611 waiting 3 1/2 hours to speak to someone didn’t get an answer I’m a healthcare worker inside the hospital in Las Vegas Nevada and I need my phone service and I’m also a military mom with soldiers deployed out of e country this is a critical time I paid an additional 30$ even though I didn’t speak to anyone my service was suspended on 3/21 I tried calling after waiting 2hiurs on hold while tryin to work explaining I did everything to keep my service connected and I needed my service there was no understanding at all that I’m on the frontline of this pandemic and I need to stay connected for work as well as my family cricket is asking me to pay 99 $ to get service when J would have only needed 54$ K was asking to extend to so I also could have funds until the 3/26 to feed my family I have been with cricket since 2011 and I find it unacceptable how I’m being treated may God protect all of us through this crisis it won’t be forgotten how the customers are
Being treated I have a screen shot of my waiting time as well as proof paid 30$ on this account 2x
About a phone on April 1 of 2020 in Seneca South Carolina she She put in a wrong phone number and now they say and it’s on me and I had to pay another $60 and I paid 70 when I went in there and now they want another $60 to have this phone turned down that I haven’t even got to use so what should I do
BillyM! Please note and take this as an initial AND FINAL warning that your "HIYEEE" commercials are a direct mockery of Down Syndrome and other mentally challenged individuals. This subliminal way if discrimination WILL NOT go on for much longer as formal complaints/allegations are WELL on their way. Expect media coverage SOON as national attention will be brought to your highly offensive and hurtful way of making fun of disabled individuals with neurological and speech issues. Shame on Cricket Wireless, please note that this post and any responses will be monitored and used/highlighted as your first warning in escalating these concerns. PLEASE FWD TO YOUR MARKETING AND LEGAL TEAM ASAP FKR PROMPT CANCELATION OF ANY FUTURE AIRINGS AS EACH ONE PASSED THIS MOMENT WILL COUNT AGAINST YOU
My name is m a h m e d n b a b a r I have this problem this is my seventh day to return the phone but driving to set up same place where I buy buy the phone but no one is ready to help me because they want you turn on the phone my problem is this I buy this unlimited plan to call Pakistan to choose what apps are used to Metro and Metro you can call everywhere in the world any single country but which ladies working there she never explained to me so only in this in this plan Mexico and Canada is included my problem is same this is not a solution of my problem I want to return it I want to return the phone and this is my seventh day I'll let you know guys because if the 7-Day gun and the lady she told me I can return on your phone not only for $40 for phone and Sim she's not returning Landrum she's not for this I want to return this phone so this is my sandwich day last day but she's not agree to return the phone and I have received everything and before answer when I went there second gear to return the phone they called the cops on you can see their end today this evening 1:32 I mean to sail from 125 you can see your camera and she told me it's this big on so she never I cannot get anything after that I'm not happy to return yet but my problem is still I'm a poor guy I'm working in fields in 2 days also I miss but I'm not I can't return my phone please can you help me find this message
I became a customer on May 8th I requested a second line to my account but it said my number was tooken off of my phone customer care locked my SIM card then they turn around and locked my phone then they activated my second line from a demo phone I purchase LG Stylo 5 they changed everything on my account but the mistake was made in the Cricket store in Carthage Mississippi 39051 and my first month Bill is about to come out and I was given Cricket three hundred and something dollars but was only able to use my phone for a week every time I call in I get hung up on I have no complaints about Cricket service wireless service but I would like to make a complaint with customer service they have been very rude and disrespectful but I still want to be a part of cricket but I have no phone do to them

if you dont want to go through twitter or facebook.  do you not an email to file the complaint with.  thank you.  

i would like to file a complaint and would like to know an email to do so.  I would not like to go through twitter or facebook to do so.  thank you.

My survive quality has gone down tremendously I'm now getting slow internet bad mobile data connection in areas were I wasn't before. I feel after years of phone service with cricket I should be treated as a loyal customer and not be having these problems I hope sending this helps. if these problems continue I will have to change service providers thanks branden
I have noticed my service quality has changed. I have more blackout spots where I don't get service but use to and my internet is much slower. I feel the after 2+years of being a loyal customer my service should get better not worse. I hope the message helps to resolve this before I have to change service providers thanks,
Notice recently that my service quality has gone down I don't get service in areas that I used to and my internet is a lot slower after 2 years of service I would expect that my service would get better and not worse so hopefully this helps to fix it before I have to change service providers thanks

I have a complaint regarding the refer a friend program. After chatting online with a representative just to know how to contact customer service because whenever you call there is no option to speak with a representative and after wasting more than one hour on the phone and the answer I get was a "NO"!!!!!!!! Are you serious???? There is no one who can help me????? 

I am really frustrated and upset and angry at this poooor customer service. 

My friend has a debit card with my account. He pays 64.00 for his phone payment and tou guys took another 60.00 out of my account that he's on. Hes been calling and they tell him they didn't take it. I have proof in my bank statement. What kind of crappy company ate you. Give read its happening to a lot of your customers as well. If this isn't resolved and my 60.00 returned to my account by Monday 9/28/2020 I will file a complaint to the Attorney General
Who's the brains in this operation??

One girl at the counter decided to break my stylus pen today on my new phone... It had gotten stuck so I brought it in thinking the tools that they were equipped with would help. Instead one rep had broken top off stylus "to see if she could pull it out with a pen" and other rep who came in smelling like she had smoked a full blunt on her break pulled out the remaining piece. Then TOLD me I was the one that broke it, then replied after I had explained it was the thicker rep "it would have ended up like that anyways..." Also explained "you'll have to purchase a new one either on line or from the store because it was "defective"

Literally JUST purchased phone 3 weeks ago in cash, paid phone bill a before it was due, Insurance included. I asked for help with a simple problem that was solved in 2 seconds by thinner rep... Whole event recorded on surveillance and other customers present had witnessed the issue. When I had explaied I didn't break it, that's why I brought it in in the first place so it wouldn't break... the thicker rep said "we pulled it" like I had part in it, wouldnt even admit to her breaking the top of pen to see if she could get it out. The second, thinner one went from nice to extremely rude and nasty in seconds "your telling me you want US to replace your pen that YOU broke." No, I want your rep to admit she broke it trying to remove it and replace it because it was all caught on camera... Other customers had witnessed it...The same sales rep even handed me the tools and told me to pull it out with wire cutters. When I told her I could twist it but it would cut it if I pulled she then asked her head rep to pull it out. And it was out in seconds... What I want is to be treated with reapect... I'm a paying customer that has never disrespected either girl. I find it odd that their whole job is customer service and technical service and they had issues performing basic tasks regarding either... Wouldn't even call customer care to see what they should do *obviously neanderthal was the way to go*. Especially when neither one knew... Seems to me after reading reviews they both need more training in their profession that or a different profession entirely. Ended up removing myself to avoid the aggression from thinner rep... Id rather not acquire a charge for popping a little girl in her disrespectful mouth let alone cause any more issue over some disgruntled ill educated child playing a customer service representative role in society... Not worth my energy...

Contacted Cricket customer service spoke with supervisor who has access to video surveillance, he was quite upset with their performance will be sending a new pen "an easy fix both girls could and should have done" and will be paying them a visit.

Please be weary of taking your devices to these girls for minor repairs let alone major... They have no proper training nor can they admit their wrongs or provide adequate customer service when it comes to an issue that they have caused. Like I said my pen was stuck, nothing major... And it became something major... I'm sorry ladies but maybe you should be more considerate of others and their device's that they paid out of pocket for *mine wasnt cheap in the least* and maybe... Just maybe wait to get high until after work. Your required to function professionally and act accordingly in your position. If you want to be an adult. Act like one. That means admitting when your in the WRONG as well. Thanks. *pictures and screens shots available if anyone has any questions

they  stole  from  me  to  on Octobe1,2020 i  payed  my  phone  bill  september 29, 2020  they  went  into   my  account t o  and  took  53 dollars  from me  my  bank  seen   and  refunding  my   money   but do you  know  cricket   cut  off  my  phone  after  that  and   would  not  cut  my  phone back  on after  they  charge  me  double   on  october  1 2020  they  are need  to  be  sued .