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So I just got with cricket and to be honest. I’m trying to be happy but it’s hard. So I got 2 iphones on the 18th few days ago. I downloaded a game I been playing and all I get is buffering and lagging. Brought the phone in and the lady said I need to boost my data speed for another 20$! I’m unlimited already and I only used not even 4gigs. Everything else works fine. The game I play is clash of clans. I’m also with T-Mobile. Works great on T-Mobile. So I’m thinking I made the WRONG CHOICE. I don’t know. Just aggravating it buffers so much.. any help would be great but the lady tried all kind of stuff. I also been reading online that I’m not the only person having this issue!!

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Hey there @Beobilliot! Welcome to our Cricket Community Forum and thank you for your post. We would like to look into this issue further for you. Please reach out to our support team on Facebook ( or Twitter (@cricketsupport) for further assistance. 

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What kind of games are you playing on your phone? 

Thank you for the share of the game lag. Very usefull

Today with the new technology people want advance technology in modern era that’s why people attracted more with mod apk then official. i have aslo lagging too much with official apps that why i also download Mod Apk and prefer my friend's too.

I switched to playing the mods. it's better than the regular version


Nowadays with the new technology, people want advanced technology in the modern era and that is why people are more attracted by using mod apk than official. It's also too late to use the official apps, that's why I also download OGWhatsApp and I'm also my best friend's apps.


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I’ve also sometimes faced lags and this not only limited to games, even popular social media apps such as Instagram has made me frustrated. With all the limitations on it, I don’t think it is any good. So, that’s why I recently switched to Instagram Pro. It is quite responsive, lots of additional features, receives updates frequently, allows running multiple accounts easily.


Today with the new technology people want advance technology in modern era that’s why people attracted more with APK then official .I have also lagging too much with official apps that why I also download  and prefer my friend's too .Today with the new technology people want advance technology in modern era that’s why people attracted more with  APK then official. I have also lagging too much with official apps that why  also download  APK and prefer my friend's too.


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