• 14 June 2021
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I had two of my four phone numbers ported out with out my permission. We did everything right. I reported to my local Cricket branch instantly. The staff was very helpful. This could have been stop right away but the Cricket corporates would to help. Now I have been with out a phone for 20 days. I make my living off of my phone number and my wife works in the medical field. I'm loosing sales everyday because my customers can contact me. My wife has to have a phone number to be in compliance with the new Covid protocols. I’m not willing to get a new number. Cricket tells me everyday that back office is working with my case, but I never get a call back. The people who answer the phone read the same company line every time. Nothing is moving forward.      

4 replies

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We appreciate your patience while your numbers are being rescued, but we do apologize that it has taken so long. Our support team would love to escalate this and get a resolution as soon as possible. We recommend reaching out to our support team on Facebook ( or Twitter (@cricketsupport) with the details of your issue, your wireless number, name on the account, and case number if available. 

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I reach out to Cricket every day. I ask for a call back every day. I’m told every day that is the case is escalated. I’m drowning here! I’m going under and calling for help my lifeguard Cricket is not helping. I’m doing everything I can in asking/begging for some kind of lifeline. I did everything right, paid my bills on time, use auto draft, never share information, keep phones up to date, and provide two free lines to people in need. What else can one do? Cricket sent me no kind of warning my account was changing. The only notice I got was that two line were taken off of auto draft from my credit card company. The notice we received was to the phones that were stolen from us. Not even an email that is on file with Cricket. Now Cricket is protecting the thieves! 


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Well, Cricket you have broken me. I called almost every day. I did not call one day the next day my account was changed. My name was missed spelled and the pin code changed. I panic again. I try for a whole day to get into my account nothing would work and Cricket support would not help me again. Finally, I get a nice support team member to help she told me my case had been close because it was over thirty days, and when support tried to contact me they called the stolen phone number. She informed me to just get a new phone number. I have had that phone number for 20 years. My company runs off of that phone number it's just not that easy. I'm losing my income because my customer can contact me when they need to. I have fought against Big Corporate almost all my life, bought locally every chance I could drive back on fumes to buy at the locally owned gas station. I even switched over to Cricket because they have a local store in my hometown. Now I have been ground in to mill by the Big Corporate wheel. 


Sometimes, however, number porting turns into a giant headache. Carriers that are losing a phone number are notorious for rejecting a port. Only one person, the primary account holder, is authorized to make a port request for any number.