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  • 25 March 2022
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my phone number was ported from my phone and was used to gain access to our bank accounts, 

 I realized what happened right away and called Cricket, but they were of NO HELP.   When i question the agent at the store , he said that the number got ported yesterday at the Cricket store .

When i question the same to Cricket customer care over the call, They say that the number was ported in the store yesterday but they have no no way of tracking what store it happened and which agent authorized it . This is UTTER BULL . Im guessing its Inside Job and some one working at the cricket store did it . 

Customer care Kept asking me if I am sure that I ( or my  mother or wife on the same plan) didn't port the number or maybe it was someone else we knew. What the heck is that supposed to solve? No one at Cricket seems to know or care how to protect our accounts! 

Again, I have read multiple reports of this happening to other cricket customers.

I will be reporting this to the Better Business Bureau and FTC .

Cricket is the worst at protecting its customers and even more so at helping them! How is it that easy for a stranger to pull a scam and steal a phone number while being impossible to prove that you, the account holder, DIDN'T AUTHORIZE IT!!

Cricket has the responsibility and the obligation to investigate and do everything they can to help protect their customers who PAY them for their service!!

Phone calls to Customer Service went nowhere 


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3 replies

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This problem has not been resolved both my husband and I had our numbers illegally ported 3/21/2023.  We did have a PIN number to secure our account. How about Crickets take some accountability and secure your accounts!!!!


My number was ported to another company yesterday. Ist time I called Cricket he told me I or another family must of authorized it and to call Att and hung up on me. After talking to Att they said my number was not associated with any account with them. I then called Cricket back again who said my number was ported to Locus Telecommunications. They are investigating it and I can buy a new sim and new number while I wait. This is so frustrating. 

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Thanks for commenting! 

We’re so sorry you’ve been a victim of identity theft! 😱 You and any subscribers under the same account who are properly authenticated will have the ability to make account changes and access account information for all lines of service. Your account is as secure as you make it. For additional assistance, please contact Cricket Support on Facebook ( or Twitter (@cricketsupport) if you need additional assistance.  💚