Port Out success but Cricket Hasn't released my number

  • 11 June 2022
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I have successfully ported one of our phones out of Cricket to Mint mobile and my phone is working with the new Mint Sim now.  Unfortunately Cricket has failed to deactivate the number.  The result is that people trying to call me from a Cricket account go into my old Cricket voice mail.  Both my new Mint account with my number and the Cricket account with the same number are now active.

I spent about an hour (after 40 minute wait) on the phone with Cricket yesterday to close my Cricket account for the ported number and was assured that it was done and the number would be released.  Indeed when I checked the account on-line a little later my ported phone number and it account info had been removed from the account.  Unfortunately, this morning the account is showing my phone (which has been successfully ported to Mint and is working with that service) as being active on Cricket and still being billed.  I just got off the phone with Mint tech support who were good enough to resubmit the port request and told me that it was successful and had been acknowledged by Cricket as complete yet the line still appears as active in my Cricket account.

This issue needs some top level technical support from Cricket to resolve it. Now please!   


3 replies

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I guess that I should have phrased this as a question.  How can I get the attention of the Cricket tech people that will understand what the problem is and be able to correct it?

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OK.  Yesterday morning we got a text message on my wife’s phone which remains on her Cricket plan saying that the account has been updated.  She and others (?) on Cricket can now call my now non Cricket (Mint mobile) phone.  However now we can’t get into our account to see if my phone has been removed and whether her phone account is still active.  I haven’t been able to get through the unusually long wait on hold to be able to contact Cricket tech support to find out what has happened to our account.  I’ll need to find a time when I have 2 or 3 hours to devote to that.  I’ll post another update when I know what is going on.

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Port is usually done is less than couple hours. It is done when incoming calls work with Public sim. If you have old carrier sim in phone, thay sim will stop working. If you have Public sim in phone, they will send text mesaage saying the number transfer was a success.