Worst Customer Service Ever!!!

  • 11 March 2021
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Okay brace yourselves if you’re not ready to hear something negative because I have a lot to share. Yesterday I decided to call to cricket wireless and let them know that I would be switching providers because I am not happy with their cellular service. The representative let me know that it would not be an issue to switch my account and that all she would have to do is allow the account to naturally suspend due to nonpayment, and then the account would eventually cancel. I switch over to AT&T and decided to reactivate my phone. AT&T the informed me that my phone was still locked by cricket wireless. So I then had to proceed with a second phone call to cricket customer service to see why I was not able to switch over my device. I was been told by a second representative that my account was canceled and that there was no way from my phone line to get transferred over because the account with Cricket was already closed. Before he ended the call, he stated that he actually saw that the request for AT&T to have my phone number switched over had actually gone through. He seemed very confused and was contradicting everything that he had told me. Since I felt uncomfortable with the previous call, I decided to call cricket a third time to confirm that the information I was told was valid. I was then told by a third representative my device was actually not serviced long enough with cricket to be switched over to my new carrier. I was extremely frustrated and asked if there was any accommodation that can be made due to the fact that I was told the wrong information both of the times that I had called in before. The representative was nonchalant telling me that there was nothing she can do and that no credits could be applied. Since it was looking like the least that I can do was switch back over to cricket I thought that they would at least be understanding and have some type of accommodation for the fact that I was lied to and I’m now being forced to stay with their company after I was told that I could switch with no issue. This is the worst customer service experience that I’ve ever had to deal with and I will never recommend cricket to any friends or family. I never had an issue with cricket after being with them for over a year and I will never ever think about switching back to them again. I’m sure that I will not be the only customer that they will lose this year as their Cellular service is the worst that it’s ever been. I can’t even receive text and my GPS signal doesn’t even work. I am very disappointed. Even though I will not be able to get my phone number back from cricket and much as cricket and says that I will have to switch back over to them in order to use my same phone number I refuse to do so. I will not be forced to deal with this terrible company no matter how bad it effects me. Not to mention I called again a 4th time that day and the las representative was helpful until it was time for him to go home. He started rushing me off the phone and telling how you guys had already closed. Just awful!!!

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