Cricket forcing me to change my brand new phone for a feature I won't be using

  • 17 November 2021
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I bought a brand new phone with my money from working yesterday, good quality, was a great deal for the features. Gets it set up, and gets a text that it’s not compatible, ends up calling Cricket and the issue gets sorted. Later I decided to update my phone, IMEI gets reset and now my phone is back to being incompatible. Note that I am not rich and I’m happy I got to pay for the phone I did, but now I had to wait a day for Cricket to be open to call them just for them to deactivate my phone number. They mentioned during both calls that my phone was 3G, despite it being a 4G phone and kept talking about some “HD Voice” feature. I barely make phone calls, why is this even a thing. So now I have to return the phone because it’s under my families plan, which by the way all their phones are going to be deactivated in February so expect us to leave Cricket soon. By the way I believe this is the list of phones that are compatible? This list is terrible, the phones that are in my price range are substantially worse than the one I already had and this list is tiny, barely supports most modern phones, glad to see they support the expensive $1000 phones though. So why is Cricket doing this? My guess is greed, good way to lose all your customers is to basically kick them off of their current phone. 

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