Cricket forcing me to change my brand new phone for a feature I won't be using

  • 17 November 2021
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I bought a brand new phone with my money from working yesterday, good quality, was a great deal for the features. Gets it set up, and gets a text that it’s not compatible, ends up calling Cricket and the issue gets sorted. Later I decided to update my phone, IMEI gets reset and now my phone is back to being incompatible. Note that I am not rich and I’m happy I got to pay for the phone I did, but now I had to wait a day for Cricket to be open to call them just for them to deactivate my phone number. They mentioned during both calls that my phone was 3G, despite it being a 4G phone and kept talking about some “HD Voice” feature. I barely make phone calls, why is this even a thing. So now I have to return the phone because it’s under my families plan, which by the way all their phones are going to be deactivated in February so expect us to leave Cricket soon. By the way I believe this is the list of phones that are compatible? This list is terrible, the phones that are in my price range are substantially worse than the one I already had and this list is tiny, barely supports most modern phones, glad to see they support the expensive $1000 phones though. So why is Cricket doing this? My guess is greed, good way to lose all your customers is to basically kick them off of their current phone. 

3 replies

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Thanks for posting, @5b4b 

To activate a device on the Cricket network, you'll need an HD Voice-capable smartphone that is compatible with the Cricket HD Voice network. This includes HD Voice-capable devices from Cricket, and select BYOD (bring your own devices). Not all 4G LTE phones brought to Cricket will work on Cricket’s HD Voice network, unfortunately. Please know that we are working to add more devices to the compatibility list every day. However, since HD Voice clients vary between the different carriers, not all variations will work on the Cricket network. Because HD Voice service would not be guaranteed to function and thus 911 calling may not be supported, the devices can no longer be supported as the 3G network is turned down. 

3G Network Shutdown

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@jdor_Cricket@5b4b  thats where you are wrong, they are compatiable, however cricket and att use IMEI whitelist to block  phones that were not sold by them.  I have a Blackview 9600 pro, rooted and global unlocked, I can configure my phone on any network, by selecting the proper 4g bands, setting the  apn settings, and is fully volte compatiable. However because my phone was not bought through Cricket/ATT, the IMEI is blocked on the services whitelist, preventing the phones from connecting. The Issue is not the phones but with Cricket/ATT trying to force people to buy their new phones.

with that being said, It is CRICKET/ATT that need to change their whitelist to allow these phones to access the network. Especially when you get 4g data, which means i have a 4g IP addreess, all voLTE is voice over IP.  So tell me why the whitelist only include phones that are sold by cricket?

All phones listed are sold by ATT/Cricket. No other phones are listed

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Cricket has been trying this cash grab for a while--suggest Mint Mobile if you’re in a place where their network is an option.  Mysteriously enough all of that HD voice capability/4G LTE that Cricket just can’t seem to support (or, you know, are deliberately blocking per the whitelist you already referenced) work just fine on a network that’s not trying to actively scam their customers….