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  • 28 March 2022
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(I have a question I promise I just thought I needed to put this)

I switched from Metro PCS to Cricket because Metros service was an ass sometimes (only sometimes, maybe once or twice a month we would have internet issues)  and some family members suggested them and said they were awesome, service plans etc and so I believed them because said family members have had Cricket for over 12 yrs. Huge mistake! We all miss our Metro 😭 So this is what's going on:

So Feb 2022 I switched and placed an order for 4 of the Cricket Dream phone's and the best plans for my family and I because there was some good reviews plus family suggestions. Although I got an excellent deal on them and the plans and was very satisfied I only had to pay $130 for everything, set up was easy and fast we had no problems in any of the set up process which to me was great!. 

Now it's been only a month and few days and omg these phones are terrible!!! The service is terrible the internet never works!! HBO max does not work for us, we barely get our texts or calls, when we are able to receive a call no one can hear us so we have to hit speaker phone or the mute multiple times to finally get the other end to hear us, we have to send pic mail multiple times for them to send and even then they still don't go through to the other phones, the phones shut off whenever they feel like it, plus more. It's just horrible and quite frustrating. This has been going on basically since we got them. We have been through all the troubleshooting procedures and have factory reset everything multiple times and they still continue to do it. Okay my question is.......

Has anyone had these issues? And was anyone ever able to switch devices for free? We are definitely going back to Metro if I'm not able to get us different phones because this is bull, I shouldn't have to pay for service every month for crappy service and phones.


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@Charity2022 We are terribly sorry to hear about your recent issues with your devices and the service. This is not the experience that we want our customers to have 💚 Our Support team is always happy to answer any questions or concerns via our social platforms on Facebook ( or Twitter (@cricketsupport). Our hopes is to hear from you soon so we can work to provide you with a resolution 🙂

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I'm sorry I'm not on either of those social platforms lol. I do have Instagram. 

I spoke to a rep earlier and he said I can send in the old devices and get the exact same ones and see if there is any improvement or buy new ones. I honestly do not think that's very fair,  I received 4 phones and all 4 phones do the exact same thing so I'm pretty certain the new ones I would recieve would do the same as well. If there's anything you can do please let me know, maybe private message me on here? I really don't have $300-$400 to buy 4 new phones or switch back to Metro PCS. 

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This has not been solved 😒