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  • 3 March 2019
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For the last 24 hours the service from cricket wireless has been snail slow. My plan is unlimited data and has been fast since I've had it. Now me and other cricket users are having such low speeds that it's unreadable. None of us are over our data limit and never had a problem during high traffic. What's going on and are you guys fixing it?

2 replies

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Hello @HZR134

Data speeds can be affected by many factors including terrain, weather, foliage, buildings, signal strength, high-usage periods, customer equipment and other factors. If you're still experiencing issues please reach out to our support teams via phone, chat, or social media.


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As the moderator noted, there are a lot of factors that can weaken or block your phone's signal. If it happens on a regular basis, there's a strong chance you're in a weak signal area due to your proximity from the nearest cell tower. You could also have a permanent object/device interfering with the signal too. Cell signals are radio waves and these can be affected by things as mundane as high winds. First thing you should do is measure your signal (do it using this method as signal bars are inefficient indicators of signal strength). If you're consistently experiencing weak signals, you have options.