suspended account for using new phone

  • 24 April 2021
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Bought a new phone for my son’s birthday. A Motorola G8 plus. read a bunch of reviews that said it would work on Cricket.

My son put his sim card in the new phone and it failed. He tried putting the sim card back in his old phone , A Motorola G6, and it still wouldn’t work.

I assumed he had somehow damaged the sim so I sent him down to the Cricket store to get a new one.

They informed him that the New G8 isn’t supported because Cricket is disabling 3G. The G8 came out last year. It does 4G. It’s 2 generations newer than the phone he was using.

They told him there was nothing they could do. He had to call 611 to get his sim card reactivated. We tried that. We were informed that his old phone is no longer supported so they wouldn’t turn it back on.

My wife is still using a G6. It still works!!!! saying it isn’t supported is a lie. ATT isn’t shutting down 3G until febuary 2022.

At this point, I feel I’m being robbed. I paid for a phone that Cricket has disabled without warning. I’ve paid for a service that Cricket is now refusing to provide. I’ve been lied to and given the runaround for 2 days trying to get this fixed.

When I asked what phones will work, I was told they couldn’t tell me. This is absolutely ridiculous.

If I don’t get someone to give me a legitimate answer to resolve this situation soon I will be filing complaints with the FTC and FCC.


What specific phones work?
Will I be reimbursed for the services and time that have been taken from me?
Somebody from Cricket please respond with answers that actually make sense.

3 replies


Hi @skeeterhWelcome to our Cricket Community Forum and thank you for your post. We understand that the 3G shutdown has caused a lot of changes and frustration. We are more than happy to to look into this issue further for you. Please reach out to our support team on Facebook ( or Twitter (@cricketsupport) for further assistance. 

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Why would you want me to go to social media for answers?

This is your forum. Why are you unable to answer here?

I just solved my sons phone problem and now you’ve shut my wife’s phone off.

The 3g shut down is a lie. You resell ATT service. ATT is not shutting down 3G until February of 2022.

Even if that were the case, my wife and son both had Motorola G6 phones. Both are 4G capable. Both are voLtE capable.

My son took out his sim card to upgrade to a new G8 which is 4G capable. ATT lists the G7 as acceptable. Are you going to try telling me that the G8 has less capability? Seriously?

My wife did not remove her sim card. We were told by the store employees and customer service that as long as she didn’t remove her sim card her G6 would continue to work until ATT shut down their network.

That tells me someone disabled it on purpose.

If I have to go to facebook or any other social media site to get answers, it will be to tell everyone I can to stay away from Cricket. I’ve referred dozens of people to your service over the years and now I regret that.

Shutting down phone service for no legitimate reason and with no warning is insane.

Whoever you have in charge of this decision needs to be out of a job.


Cricket, which is owned by ATT, for some reason has decided to have a more restrictive whitelist than ATT. My wife also had this same problem. Cricket decided to shut off her phone service and suspend her account because her brand new Galaxy A32 5G is “not compatible” with their network, even though they sell the same phone and her phone is compatible with the ATT network. We checked to make sure on the ATT website. Since Cricket IS ATT and uses the same network, there is no way that this device is compatible with one but not the other. Cricket has just decided to be more restrictive, probably so they can sell more hardware.

We had to threaten the customer service rep on the phone with filing a complaint with our state’s AG office. They then agreed to turn her service back on. Since her account was then in good standing we were able to port her number to a company that does not use the ATT network. 

Buh-bye Cricket. Three more lines ported to a different carrier because of this problem.