Unknown Sender Message Not Found

  • 3 September 2019
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Cannot Delete! Delete and it comes right back


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@blackbird121  Hi there thank you for posting on our forum. Are you having this issue on the device? If so what type of device do you have?

Thanks for your reply!

Motorola G7 Power

I've followed all steps online to try to "wipe cache partition" and I do not have that option in Recovery Mode as instructions say I will.

I see many people posted about this on other phones as well on some forums, with no solution.


Delete it, it comes right back.


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@blackbird121 This device is not one that we sale and the best option is to ask the manufacturer to see if they have any idea on how to fix this. By reading what is online it maybe an advanced messaging issue and  a compatibility issue with our service. At the moment the Stylo 5 is the only device with this ability on our network that can use advanced messaging. Below I provided a link to Motorola support page for more information and help:

so sorry I am mistaken

it is a Motorolo G7 Supra that I bought at Cricket. My apology

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@blackbird121 Please try these option

-​Press and hold the power key for up to 30 seconds to perform a force reboot on the device.

-Clear cache and data


Clearing the cache will remove any temporary files being stored by the device.

  • Go to Settings > Apps > Messaging app > Storage > Clear cache

Clearing the data will remove data that the application has saved.

  • Go to Settings > Apps > Messaging app > Storage > Clear data

If this doesn't work we will have to create case to have our IT look into the issue. Once you do these steps and they don't fix the issue please message us on our Facebook page or Twitter page to create the case for you.

Thanks so much.

I followed your instructions, forced reboot, cleared cache, cleared data.

Deleted text, came right back

Unfortunately I am not on twitter or facebook.

I've been trying to find instructions for Moto G7 Supra to wipe cache partition because I have followed instructions online but not finding that option in recovery mode.

Thanks again for your reply.

Wow... just learned something about Wipe Cache Partition.


"Your phone no longer has the option to clear the system cache partition because it uses the new Seamless (A:B) update process. The OS no longer caches system updates. This is why there is no clear cache partition in the Recovery menu."

SO I am not crazy or stupid, but I still can't get rid of this text... 

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@blackbird121 Thanks for trying, please message us on our Facebook or Twitter page to ask for further information to create the case on your account.


Did you find a solution for this problem?  I am having the same issue on my Supra I purchased from Cricket.  

i'm having this quote issue

I'm having this same issue too! This post thread does NOT get me to a solution. I need further assistance. 

I have the Moto Supra g7 and here is how I finally figured out how to delete the text message from the unknown sender:

1.  Open the message from the unknown sender

2.  In the upper right hand corner there should be the dots which you should press to see what options you have.

3.  Select "Block Unknown Sender".

4.  The text message should then disappear from you list of text messages.

It worked for me....hopefully it will work for you.


I have a Moto Supra g7 and had the same problem....text message from an unknown sender and i couldn't delete it.

I finally figured out how to do it.  Here's what I did;
1.  Open the unknown message

2.  At the top right click on the dot(s) to give you a dropdown of options

3.  Select "Block the Unknown Sender"

4.  The message should then disappear.

I hope this helps!


Hey, I had the same issue on the same phone and I'm with Cricket I finally figured out how to delete the text from "unknown sender" for good.
Open the txt from UNKNOWN_SENDER.
Press on each message in the text.
If only one message in the text, that's the only one you need to delete.
More than one message, delete each one individually.

It disappeared from both places, unarchived and archived Blocking and reporting it as spam never worked for me either. Try it, hope it fixes it for you too.