Questions about 5g Upgrade with Motorola G7 Power, Samsung Galaxy S7

  • 12 December 2021
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Cricket Free Msg: Important! Your current phone will no longer work when we shut down our 3G network in February 2022. We are here to assist with upgrade options. To help with the upgrade process, we may re-direct your call to customer service. After January 8th, we may temporarily suspend your service in order to speak to you. You can avoid service disruption by visiting, dialing 611, or visiting your nearest Cricket store. Thank you! 


I have two phones on Cricket for several years.  Samsung S7 and Moto G Power.  Both were unlocked versions purchased directly from the manufacturer in the USA.  Last Friday I received text above on Samsung Galaxy S7 phone about network upgrade.  Started looking into things and the IMEI numbers for both phones failed the upgrade check on both ATT and Cricket web sites. 


Both of these phones do 4G, LTE, and use voLTE/ARM-WB (HD Voice).  As long as the device supports AMR-WB, then HD voice is possible on 4G.  It’s really nothing new at all. Am I correct?


A side by side comparison of the my unlocked Galaxy S7 model and the ATT-locked Galaxy S7 model shows identical specs, with additional network bands available on the unlocked version. I did not do the comparison for the Moto.  ATT-locked model (G930A) passes ATT review (see here) for the upgrade, but unlocked model (SM-G930U) is not shown.  Why is this?  What is lacking?


My Moto G Power Model XT2041-4 is on the ATT list in previous paragraph. Why doesn’t Cricket IMEI check work?  Note that I did not get the message on Friday on my G Power.  Curious…. Why do you suppose?


Bottom line……  I am convinced that my phones will work just fine after the network upgrade - and that if they won’t, then it will be intentionally by design of the ATT-specific network.  Also I am very concerned that either way, Cricket will kick my phones off of the network in January based on IMEI number.  Seems that ATT/Cricket has been doing this type of thing in the past and sees this as a valid way to handle things.


Should I stay with Cricket/ATT and see if they shut off one or both of my phones January 8 - then call me to argue about upgrading my phones?  Or should I avoid service disruptions by moving to Mint Mobile on the T-Mobile network right after the first of the year?  Both T-mobile and Mint Mobile say (based on IMEI) they have no problem with either of my phones for their 5g network upgrade.


I await your response


1 reply

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Here’s ATT talking about what phones need to do, in order to be on the network.  Seems HD Voice and 4G LTE are the requirements?  Is there a special “ATT HD Voice” that no one else has and only the newest phones can use?  Sounds like a good way to get users to have locked ATT phones.  Guess they will make a ton of $$$ selling phones.  Cell phone manufacturers will obviously go along.



Devices no longer supported

We no longer activate phones that don't support HD Voice since they won't be compatible to work on our network when 3G shuts down.

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If you switch your SIM card between devices, make sure the device you’re moving your SIM card to will work on our network. Want to use your original device again? First, make sure the SIM from the original device will work on our network.

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