Samsung galaxy watch 46mm lte

  • 21 November 2018
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Any idea when cricket will work on samsung galaxy smart watch lte. As of now, Tmobile is the only carrier that works perfectly with it.

4 replies

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@Tnoo Thank you for visiting and posting on the Cricket Community Forum! Unfortunately, we do not service the Samsung Galaxy watch. 

Cricket is owned by and uses the AT&T network and servers. Not supporting smartwatches is therefore a conscious business decision designed to force their consumers to pay for the higher tiered (and higher priced) AT&T service. I can't say I blame them from an economic standpoint, but from a consumer viewpoint it has pushed me to cancel my service and give my money to their competitor instead.

I too may move all my phones if the watch 3 is not supported.  Any chance on it in the future?

So not thinking of adding it as a service at all?  I ask as I too may move all my phone to a different carrier.   We currently have 7 family phones with Cricket.  Let us know