Visual voicemail stopped transcribing calls. (?)

  • 6 September 2019
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I have had an A6 for 6 wks or so (I know, late to the party 🙂 ). At 1st, visual voicemail worked fine, but for the past several weeks it records voice msgs but does not transcribe them to writing - ie, doesn't do what visual VM is there for. I don't know if this happened after an update - if so, it was one I was unaware of. Has anyone else encountered this issue? Thx a lot for any help.

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iPhone 11 not transcribing 

happend the same, bro :( For me visual voicemail was not so comfortable. Before I used it for work calls, but now I have another solution. When I know, that this call will be important, and I need to remember all information, what will be said, I turn on the call recorder. After this I have an audio file, which needs to be transcribed. My boss found one site which is directed to transcription services review.On this site I can use pricing calculator and read full reviews, that helps me quickly decide which services I need. I received high - quality, fast completed work. If u want, u can try to use their services to transcribe your calls.

According to the G7 website, we have Android 9 Pie not Android 10, so why isn't the transcription working on the G7 Cricket??
So when will it be fixed. I bought a Moto G 7 about two months ago and the transcription has never worked. I don't know if it is Android 10 or not
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Hello @Plumbun! Welcome to our Cricket Community Forum and thank you for your post. Since the update to Android 10, customers are unable to access the Visual Voicemail app. Our team is aware of the issue and working with the app developers to find a resolution for the issue. We ask for your patience while our team works to sort this out. Thank you.