-125 dBm 20 asu 4 miles from cell tower. Help PLEASE!

  • 23 April 2019
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Been with Cricket for 5 years. The reception here has degraded so bad even though we live only 4 miles away from the tower. It cuts on and off every few minutes. As I'm trying to post for anyone to help, I've lost connection 5 times. Make that 6. Ugh, 7 times 😪 Brand New phones didn't fix the problem. Any suggestions?

2 replies

Have same issue here, had decent signal strength until few months ago, from 4 bars to 1-2 tops, and I have repeater just to get those bars.  Tried to report issue for 2 hours today. Would get dropped on phone calls, or they would try and give me bad tech advice, wiping out all my saved settings, when it is tower issue.  I use an app and can watch from -140 -to-100db strength, and bouncing between towers.

AT&T must be playing with us trying to get us on those expensive plans they offer.

Used to be after every rain was bad for couple days, now 2 months straight, and even drove to where the tower used to be and it is gone, app shows a location and nothing above treeline, so that is issue in itself…  They claimed they could see issue and techs will dispatch to fix tower issue, but not holding my breath...

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