COVID -19 and the need for UNCAPPED Hot Spot

We’re committed to keeping our customers connected to family, friends and the latest information. Beginning March 14, we will waive reconnect fees for customers who are affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. Cricket customers who are affected by the COVID-19 pandemic should call Cricket customer care at 1-800-CRICKET (274-2538) or 611 from their Cricket phone if they need this reconnect fee waived.


I called Cricket via 611 and had a very specific question with regards to COVID-19 and with all that is being shut down , among that call was with regards to our schools being shut down here in Washington State . 


I was told by a representative that there has been an application placed in to the government to help assist with removing caps because with everything that is closing from Doctors office Lobbies to mental health  centers, Schools, theaters and other forms of entertainment , ALL have been shut down and we can no longer access them.


My Questions was direct, sharp and concise. 

Will our Data Caps be removed because we now have to sue additional services like telehealth, online educational sites provided by schools, and even access government sites to fill out information for continued benefits. 

I understand waiving fees and the like, but my question is point blank and to the heart.

due to the massive changes in telecommunications , and the need to additional wifi hotspot protocol, especially now for those of us with kids that need access to educational sites and some form of entertainment less they or we as parents go insane being cooped up.


so , my question is this, is it true that Cricket has implemented and application process to increase the ability for us to use additional wifi hotspot or was the customer rep wrong to state that? 


question 2 our family uses telehealth for parent training the area of Autism. once a week. 

and now being increased to twice a week or more. 

we also sign online contracts and now are now having to use the data for educational, entertainment, and other businesses to which that will exceed the wifi hotspot.  with telehealth there is an agreement that states that our connection must be stable and must not be interrupted. 


How will cricket insure us as customers that our telehealth sessions will not be disrupted? 

I have experienced complete disruption when I have exceeded the wifi hotspot in the past. Which will not do for the contract with telehealth contract we have signed. 


we do not have a seconday internet service provider, so we can not access wifi .


Also accessing wif-fi for upgrading the software must go as well. 

I state this because all the areas we have tried to access are not allowing public access, our local Mcdonalds, Burger King, and public wifi hotspots are not allowing us to connect. we also can not enter the lobby of these areas so even if we could access the signal is pretty weak.  


I am a very tech savy person, one of the few that Know how these kinds of things work .

I know how data capping is implemented and I know why, but now the time has come for a change that must be made. 


If hughesnet, a company we no longer have can change, why wont you?  here is the letter I got from hughesnet. We no longer have hughes net because the new place we are in will not allow for satellite services. So we are solely reliant on our devices. 


Dear HughesNet Customer,

We know that you rely on us to keep connected and informed. Our ability to keep our network stable and reliable during these times is our highest priority. Our user traffic has doubled over the last week. To improve network performance during this time of extremely high demand, we implemented the following changes on March 18th:

1. Increased speeds for customers who have exceeded their plan data (i.e., we have raised the "caps")
2. Prioritized Cloud based business applications to help people working from home.
3. Online Educational applications have also been prioritized.

Please note that the pandemic is impacting staffing levels at our call centers and increasing wait times on the phone. You may be able to fulfill many of your requests online at or through the HughesNet app , available in the Apple app store and on Google Play. We encourage you to take advantage of these online resources. Here are some quick links to assist you:

Get help registering your account online
Search 'Help & Support'
Find my Account Number

If a repair to your service is needed during this time, be aware that our technicians are taking special precautions to protect you by following the CDC guidelines for handwashing, as well as equipment disinfecting measures before and after each interaction. We are doing everything possible to make sure you stay connected in this challenging time. Thank you for your patience.



© 2020 Hughes Network Systems, LLC. HughesNet is a registered trademark of Hughes Network Systems, LLC, an EchoStar company.

This email was sent by: Hughes Network Systems, LLC
11717 Exploration Ln Germantown, MD, 20876, US
this is another example of what we have to do.

PBS SharePoint <>
1:34 PM (6 hours ago)
to me

Dear Parent/Caregiver,


Welcome to Positive Behavior Supports Corporation! Thank you for allowing us the opportunity to provide Applied Behavior Analysis services to your family! We anticipate working collaboratively with you to help facilitate improvements in behavior, teaching of new skills, and attaining significant improvements in the overall quality of life for your child and family.


The first step to getting started with services is to sign up for our Parent Portal.

This is a great way to keep track of your child’s services. Registration for access to the Parent Portal is separate from that of your initial registration for services with PBS. Therefore, you must register and setup a password for secure entry into this site. Go to: Click on Parent Portal Login to begin the registration process. Help is available should you have difficulty logging in by reviewing this document

Dear BASICS NW families,


At this time, I have made the decision to suspend all direct services for at least 2 weeks until we have further guidance from local and state government. While this was a difficult decision leading up to this point, now that we have better information on this risks involved for our staff and families by risking exposure, it is no longer a difficult decision.


During this time, we will be continuing to support all client families who have approved telehealth benefits. We encourage families who are at home to take advantage of this time for additional training and support. Please contact your clinical supervisor to discuss scheduling options. In addition, caregiver training options extend to any persons included in the comprehensive care of your child—so, we are also able to train relatives, teachers, respite providers—anyone who is relied upon for support for your child is able to receive training during this time.


Plans that either have this as a part of their ongoing benefit, or have made exceptions during the COVID-19 pandemic, are listed below:

Coordinated Care
United Healthcare

Plans that are not covering these benefits at this time, but have expressed they are in talks with higher ups, are the following:


If your plan is not yet covering these services, and you are interested in continued parent training and support, I would encourage you to reach out to your plan to express that you would like continuity of care through telehealth.


As a note, BASICS NW provides telehealth service in compliance with all state and local regulations through HIPAA-compliant Zoom technology. Any families who would like to continue receiving training services online through telehealth, we have a couple options for you.


You may use your personal technology devices at home that have audio/visual capabilities.
You may request an iPad be shipped to by BASICS NW to your home (pre-loaded with the necessary applications to participate in continued care).

Please direct further inquiries regarding treatment services to your Regional Director. Regional contacts are furnished below…

We apologize for the disruption in care. We hope to learn more information and potential precautionary measures to assure improved safety for clients and providers in the near future.


Please be vigilant and safe during this time.


As you can see we will be pushing our caps to the limit with in a 2 week time. 

Our family can not have interruptions. please, be like hughesnet and offer us something then a cold shoulder, I really like Cricket, and I don't want to change services, but If I have to I will to make sure we have access to health care.

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@LeeWilson While I agree that all companies should be doing something to help their customers out, asking a prepaid cell phone provider to give you unlimited home internet service is a bit outlandish. HughesNet is a home internet provider, Cricket is a mobile phone service provider whose services are not and have never been intended as a primary source of home internet. Keeping its customers connected to phone, text, and basic mobile data services is reasonable to ask but to ask them to provide uncapped, full home internet service is, in my opinion, unrealistic. 

we are not the ones who have asked our kids to be removed from school.

we are not the ones who implemented the National Guard  under title 32.

issuing higher data caps, or removing them altogether would not cost the company more money.

I know this because Europe has no data caps. 

We are being forced in to using telehealth technologies, therefore we should not have to be the ones to suffer.


we never asked for the rare disease called PKU

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We never asked for our son to have autism either.

to cause a disruption and termination because of overage usage is barbaric.


Perhaps the market needs to plunge yet deeper  and perhaps the debt buble needs to burst.

then things will change. 


Mr Bulldog, I have been around sense Pay-bye- the-hour , and because of high demand that vanished, with now the high demand, data caps must go as well. Cricket is under the umbrella of AT&T 

Cricket Wireless was founded in March 1999 by Leap Wireless International.

AT&T acquired Leap Wireless International in March 2014 which merged Cricket Wireless with Aio Wireless.

Cricket Wireless.
Type Subsidiary
ServicesWireless communicationsParentLeap Wireless (1999–2014) AT&T (2014–present)


So tell me what was that about the request being rediciculus ? 

were no longer living in times where things are "normal".

removing DATA CAPS would not harm any company, and would not under any circumstances cause the pipes to clog. 


and now I get "sorry your call cannot be completed "

with AT&T double tone"? apologies this just happened as I made a call out and it occurred 2x

Data lis fine, but AT&T is having voice issues.


To Bulldog...
Maybe this is one of those times when it's best to keep your opinion to yourself !!
It seems to me that this individuals concerns are with CRICKET... Personally, I've been having an issue to simply get a phone call through to someone that actually comprehends the English language. BTW, regarding your comment about not being dependant on Cricket Hot Spot as a primary provider...
It's MY primary provider !!! I cut the cable & WiFi year's ago !!! I use my Hot Spot for up to 50 to 60 GB'S per month due to online College Courses. The past 4 - 5 months it's cost me, between my regular $60. Unlimited Plan & the Extra Hot Spot fees , over $100.+ each month. Do they ever offer me a discount for purchasing in bulk, NO !! Have they ever even "rounded" it out 30, 40 MB'S to the next GB..? NO !! I pay for what I ask from THEM!!
However, unless you're living under a rock or are so bored out of your mind and can't find a better way to amuse yourself let the adults in the room who are experiencing REAL LIFE PROBLEMS due to something that is unprecedented (Google it if the word should be beyond your comprehension), there's real people dealing with a variety of issues at the time !!
So, your PISS POOR ATTITUDE is one that TRULY isn't needed to be thrown into the mix, how about going on Twitter, Facebook or You Tube comments if you really crave the attention that it seems you desire.. Just a little bit of constructive criticism.. Whether you can handle it or not is up to you ???
Thanks for posting your questions and showing the generosity from other businesses !! Very much appreciated. I have similar concerns with my Hot Spot use, I too, am concerned about applying for services that I'm entitled to and once getting through & having to upload documents from my Laptop... then being cut off in mid stream + having to go back to the initial phase to start all over again, it won't be like that would be the first time that happened (and that's when thing's are NORMAL) anyway, I hope everything works out well for you and your family. I'm just trying to get more Hot Spot time before it runs out.... Just trying to continue my education at 61 year's old... Don't let the HATERS get you down. They're probably down in MA's basement locked in😂
Even their MOMS have had enough of THEM ☑️ Can't say that I blame them. 🤔
God Bless You & Your's 🙏
Hey Lee,
You don't need to be making a case to this person with a piss poor attitude !!! These jerks get off on this BS !
I mentioned earlier that I had issues with Hot Spot Service, for Online College Courses as well as emergency benefits I need to apply for...
I received a suggestion, which I'm going to try tomorrow. I was told by a trusted source to deal with a Cricket (Factory/Company Store) I don't know if you're in a location where you can find one nearby ? I'm located in the Phoenix Metro Area & fortunately there's a few close by. I wasn't aware that the majority are Franchised Store's !!!
He explained that it's much easier dealing with the Company - Factory Store's when dealing with Special Issues regarding overall changes or temporary changes like what we're ALL dealing with at the moment.. Will return tomorrow with some hopefully positive information..
Take Care, JC in AZ

@LeeWilson @jacappy Are you also going to your local grocery store and demanding that they give you free groceries or more for your money? I’m pretty sure that food is more essential than having home internet but I guarantee you’re not going to Walmart demanding that they give you unlimited groceries for the same price that you usually pay.
In my past experiences with Cricket they have been extremely helpful when I needed it. Think about how many companies you pay for different things and if you’re asking them to do the same as you’re asking Cricket to do for you. 

your attempt to flame is a sad and pathetic one...

I deal with autism on a daily basis ..try that...oh and I also deal with PKU...

and um, what has walmart got to do with cricket? Please stay on topic.

Ok I can't take no more of this, everyone, everywhere im turning is trying to capitalize or benefit from this awful situation. I get the needs have went up completely. I'm an over the road truck driver that uses the cricket hot spots to keep me connected GPS, logs, load boards, company emails ect. I used to use wifi at public locations to update all 11 of my devices as you can imagine that eats up the GBs in a hurry well just like you those all became obsolete with this virus but instead of me turning around and asking a company that may also be struggling in these times to just hand me more for the same cost or free I just bought and pay more for the internet because if that's what you NEED then that's what you have to do, cause if I decided to say well they arent giving it to me for free that I just can't do my job then all of you go with out food, water, or really everything since atleast 80 percent of everything is shipped by truck... moral of the story times are hard, bad things happen adapt with them work for what you need and stop looking for hand outs. I have to pay for 4 of these devices right now at 40gb each... just to make sure you all have what you need. Also dont try to come at me about the disabilities you have to deal with like they are a burden to you because you havent the slightest idea what I have had to deal with in my own life but I'm not putting all my business out there.

During Covid, I had a lot of free time that I spent on learning new things, such as Spanish.


Yes, Covid affected each of us, and different companies too, but I believe, that they do their best not to let costumers down. I also had some questions to Cicket, but everything was settled down quickly!

And, speaking about Covid again, I agree with MarkUltra, I also have more time now to do something I want. I started working mostly remote, and now I have more time during the day for my hobbies.

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Basically what you’re suggesting here is mandated charity. Private companies are just that...private. Government screwed all of us with the lock downs and such, not cricket. Though I have no love for cricket as a company, forced charity is insane. I’m not surprised you expect this as America has turned into an entitlement society. Were you a business owner, I suspect your attitude would be a bit different about being forced to pay for others wants and needs. 


Remembering that situation, it was awful. The government still can’t understand the importance of small and middle businesses for our economy. And also can’t understand the importance of established education. How can kids and teens study without a stable internet connection? When providers faced bankruptcy... I was a student in 2020 and all that helped me to graduate with nice marks is the source where most of my coursework was done by other people. Because I was so tired of trying to find any useful information with an unstable internet connection. The government must change its mind and open to small/middle businesses. 


Remembering that situation, it was awful. The government still can’t understand the importance of small and middle businesses for our economy. And also can’t understand the importance of established education. How can kids and teens study without a stable internet connection? When providers faced bankruptcy... I was a student in 2020 and all that helped me to graduate with nice marks is the source where most of my coursework was done by other people. Because I was so tired of trying to find any useful information with an unstable internet connection. The government must change its mind and open to small/middle businesses. 


I also wanted to say that I understand all serious of the situation with COVID, but people have a right to live their life and get around