Forced to buy Cricket 5G phone

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3 months ago my Blu 4G phone with 265 gig. Worked just fine. Then I get mail and text saying my phone won't work when Cricket drops 3G. Ihd only bought my Blu®  phone 6 months before! So my wife decides on her own that she wants a new phone. The next day, my phone quits working. I call, they say my Blu® won't work after they drop 3G. I never had 3G! So now I can't get service unless I buy a new 5G phone from them. I always had a 4G LTE signal on the Blu®! NOW! I have a Cricket 5G phone and it STILL SHOWS 4G LTE.

What's with this company? OK. You twisted my arm to buy YOUR 5G PHONE which is receiving 4G LTE! 


Best answer by Marlena_Cricket 2 May 2022, 22:38

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Hi @Dadmech and welcome to the Community Forum! Unfortunately, not all BYOD devices are compatible since the turn down of our 3G network. You are not required to purchase a 5G device, but you will need a High-Definition Voice-capable (HD Voice-capable) device that is compatible with Cricket’s HD Voice network.  Please know that we are working to add more devices to the compatibility list every day. However, since HD-Voice clients vary between the different carriers, not all variations will work on the Cricket network. Because HD-Voice service would not be guaranteed to function and thus 911 calling may not be supported, the devices can no longer be supported now that the 3G network is turned down. Check out our current BYOD Compatibility list below.


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