I am no longer receiving two step authentication codes from Facebook

  • 29 October 2019
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I have been using the same phone number with Cricket for years. I use two step authentication for Facebook. Unfortunately, because I clear out my browser history, cache and cookies upon exit, I have to enter a six digit code that is sent to my cell phone before Facebook will allow me to log in.

As of the last four days, I stopped receiving the text messages to my cell phone. I have verified my identity by sending both a copy of my photo ID, and photo of me holding up a sign with a special number Facebook gives me to write on the sign showing it is me who holds the actual Facebook account. It has been four days. NOTHING.

I am unable to get into my Facebook account. I found out there is other ways, such as Google Authenticator as an option, but at this point, if I cannot get into my account, I am unable to change the options. I am frustrated and was told this may have something to do with the cell phone provider, and I want to solve this issue.

Now even when I download a new browser and try, I still do NOT receive the text message code. So it HAS to be something with the cell phone provider. There has to be something blocking me from receiving the text message codes, even though I can make and receive calls and texts otherwise. What is the solution I need to solve this? I appreciate all the help. Thank you!

2 replies

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@erniemink1970 Hi there, I found this on Facebook and hopefully it helps. 

  • Remove any signatures at the end of your text messages (SMS) which can interfere with Facebook getting those messages.

  • Try sending On or Fb to 32665 (FBOOK).

  • Wait 24 hours in case there's a delivery delay.

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I still have not received a text. I have reset network also. I have also sent Facebook photo I’d. I now can’t even search for my account