No specials for current customers

  • 27 July 2018
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Why is cricket geared to new customers and people that are already customers get highjacked on price of phone. Upgrade is a joke have to pay to activate a phone even though you are already a member of cricket new customers get free phones big discounts on phones if you belong nothing but extra money not cool vricket

6 replies

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Hey there! Thanks for joining the Cricket community! Existing Cricket customers qualify for upgrade discounts every 90 days. You can check out our current offers here:

So by "upgrading" to a moto e5 I would save $24. If I was eleagible for an upgrade. Upgrade fee is garbage. Why would I want to by a phone from cricket, when I could buy whatever unlocked phone I wanted. If I bought an unlocked phone (and not crickets) I could also switch to another carrier if I decide that I think cricket is bogus. I mean your gonna lose people with this..
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Yup, giggledick
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Yup , all the company's do the same, or dont the same, there are people in suits at an oval table that decided best.
Pretty good deals on downgrades.
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Because existing customers are not valued the same as new customers. I would think retaining existing customers would be as important.