Not eligible for mobile hotspot?

  • 20 April 2021
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I had been a Cricket customer for several years on your $55/month unlimited plan. Recently, I was enticed into upgrading to the More plan for an extra five bucks a month. While I do like the increase in my data speed, I was mainly drawn to the ability to use my mobile hotspot, so I upgraded.

However, my hotspot doesn’t work. I can connect my devices to it just fine, but there’s no internet. I come to find out that, apparently, my $350 Nokia 7.1 isn’t “eligible”. However, when you all enabled everyone’s hotspots last year because of the pandemic, it worked just fine. So it’s not a problem or limitation with my phone, you guys have just simply arbitrarily deemed it “not eligible”.

Why is it not eligible?


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Hi @bdoe , Due to Cricket’s 3G shutdown and network changes, certain devices are no longer eligible for hotspot. You can check your device compatibility here or reach out to Cricket Support on Facebook ( or Twitter (@cricketsupport)

Well… Shoot.

I’ll have to find myself another carrier then, if Cricket won’t make use of all the features on my phone, including hotspot and VoLTE.

Metro says my phone is fully compatible. I’ll have to check them out.


Slowly but surely finding out that cricket wireless is not the provider it proclaims to be. I have been a customer for years so I'm very upset about my recent interaction over the phone. It's has been rough on myself and I'm sure others will agree due to the pandemic, so the last thing I need is for my phone provider to not put that in consideration. I set up bridge pay twice with in a week both times my phone was off due to error of the CSR. So I made two payments of $15 and because the CSR did not set up bridge pay my phone was disconnected 2 times even after receiving text messages say that bridge pay was set up. Ultimately I end up paying $68 for a $48 dollar plan because of the error on their end and all they could say was "Sorry" that right the company is sorry. I know from experience other providers would have resolved the situation in the customers favor to keep them as a customer. But cricket wireless doesn't, but they will take your money no probably..I will spread the word about this issue and look forward to getting a new provider ASAP!!! KEEP YOUR SORRY THERE'S NOTHING WE CAN DUE...IM OVER IT!!


I agree with you 100%!! Cricket is garbage now since AT&T took over. 3rd rate customer service, the representatives are confused and have no clue about customer service. They're disgusting now!


Ive been with cricket for a few years, without many problems but they have done it now, when 5g rolled out i bought the Samsung galaxy a51 5g to try out the new 5g and for the most part was happy with it, so i bought a Samsung galaxy note 20 5g from Samsung, switched the sim cards and was off and running, everything worked fine, then this month i used alot of hotspot and ran through most of my 15gbs so i tried to add another 15gbs which ive done several times in the past, well i couldnt do the add on online so i called customer service and they were happy to take my payment and then inform me thaty phone wasn't compatible with hotspot even though ive been using it for a few months issue free, so i said alright i just cant add hotspot data ill live with that, then 15 minutes after ending the call i receive a call back from cricket the guy said he had been told i was having hotspot issues and he was able to do so work arounds to solve the problem, also he has a Samsung z fold that he had to do this to as well, about 10 minutes later he did something that disconnected us he called back did something else told me to hang up with him restart the phone and try hotspot and he would call back an see what happened if it worked or not, hung up restart phone, no hotspot, no call back, no more 5g, waited a few minutes and i called cricket back, while on tbe phone with a different rep, i realized i couldn't receive incoming calls the lady fixed that problem an then went on to informe hotspot wont work with my phone even though it had been working fine for months up until this nightmare, she had nothing to say about why 5g stopped working, then informede i should just down grade since i cant use hotspot, down grade also eliminates 5g service, so basically 1000 dollar phone that cant do what there 37 dollar peice of junk can because it says cricket on the back, i fell like they pulled one over on me simply trying to sell a me a cricket branded phone, or were gonna punish you until i did. Time to find a new provider, glad i got a new unlocked phone....


Oh yea almost forgot after speaking with the lady rep that didnt want to do anything to help with my problem just sell me a new problem, i told her to transfer me to someone else that may have a little be idea of solving the problem, she transfers my call i end up getting conveniently disconnected, for th anyway, i call back and there closed and wont be open until Monday, all this happened on Saturday night. They junked my phone plan and closed up shop on me.

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Hi @bdoe , Due to Cricket’s 3G shutdown and network changes, certain devices are no longer eligible for hotspot. You can check your device compatibility here or reach out to Cricket Support on Facebook ( or Twitter (@cricketsupport)

If there was TRUTH or understanding behind this it would be understandable… But trying to say something like this about a Pixel 5, Pixel 6, Nokia 8.3, or TONS of other 5g phones that recently got hot spot shut off is just DUMB.  Actually, the phones listed on the “device compatibility” are slightly ANTIQUE on the Android side, not even 5g, and out of date.