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  • 13 October 2019
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I’m also a victim of this port out scam. My phone # was disconnected and ported out without my knowledge on September 13th. I have been calling Cricket everyday for over a month now and am getting nowhere. The customer service reps are rude and uncaring. I was without service for six days without knowing it and all they were willing to do is give me a new phone #, but I had to pay for a new SIM card and activation fees (I had to go to the Cricket store every day to call customer service until they gave me a temporary 😵. This is totally unacceptable. They don’t seem to be taking this situation seriously. It’s all about the money. I just want MY phone # back, the one that I’ve had for thirty years and brought with me when I signed up with Cricket. Fortunately the other #’s on my account weren’t affected which is good, but I’m the account holder and the one that pays the bill. Where’s the service that I’m paying for? They opened a ticket and I was told this was a priority. They kept saying 2-3 business days, 3-5 business days, 5-7 business days, etc. Now they’re saying  they can’t give me any kind of ETA, but “it’s out for dispatch” and someone will call me back. Out for dispatch? I was a dispatcher and to me that means they haven’t even started working on it yet. It’s now been over a month and still no one has called me back. It’s all about the money. Every time I call customer service, I’m reminded of the amount I paid the month before and what I’ll owe for the next bill. I stopped the autopay, because I don’t trust they’re security now and am afraid of identity theft. I went into a Cricket store to pay my bill before it was due and OMG, they charged me a $3.00 fee. I’m a senior citizen on a fixed income and always pay my bills more then on time, so that I don’t have to pay any extra fees. Also when I was in the store, a man came in that had just bought an AT&T prepaid phone. Two days later, his phone # was ported out without his knowledge. He was told he had to go to an AT&T store, buy a new SIM card and pay the $30.00 he paid two days prior to get a new phone # and a months service that he had just paid. From all I’m seeing on this, It looks like this scam i nationwide and needs to be stopped. 


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@mrsfelse  This is Cricket Wireless, I will be sending you a private message to get the case number for you. Please be on the look out for the private message.

Same exact thing happened to me.  I had to get the number back myself.  Cricket was no help at all.  They don't seem to have good procedures to stop these port thieves.

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I am Having the same Problem: Not getting Much Help... The case ID is 1911151386351 

I Have Fraud charges on my PayPal account, They opened a Samsung pay account, I have been e-mailed receipts from Walmart. I did NOT authorize the Port, I would Like my Number back.

I need someone to help me.

*Transaction ID: 9L478290W2162902C

*Transaction ID: 9CH19381LF5607806

*Transaction ID: 0VH62855DM700704T

*You added PayPal to Samsung Pay   (NO I DIDN'T)

Now My Daughter cannot even text me to pick her up from school when she is done. 

Last year, in August 2020, my phone number was ported from my phone and was used to gain access to our bank accounts, best buy , Credit card , Vision Insurance. Hacker opened new accounts in Homedepot , shopped online in Bestbuy. It was an absolute nightmare to get the new number, block the old one and regain control of my finances. 

Fast forward to yesterday afternoon, it happened again. This time my I realized what happened right away and called Cricket, but they were of NO HELP. They were asking for my PIN number but that got changed by the hacker yesterday . So ME the OWNER doesnt have access to MY Account . I went to the cricket store this morning got a new sim , reset my PIN and security question and my number back.  When i question the agent at the store , he said that the number got ported yesterday at the Cricket store . ( Based on the vague information I got from him , the store is on Dixie hwy , Hollywood -florida)

When i question the same to Cricket customer care over the call, They say that the number was ported in the store yesterday but they have no no way of tracking what store it happened and which agent authorized it . This is UTTER BULL . In the cricket App My Primary email address shows as (not mine).  Im guessing its Inside Job and some one working at the cricket store did it . 

Customer care Ket asking me if I am sure that I ( or my  mother on the same plan) didn't port the number or maybe it was someone else he knew. What the heck is that supposed to solve? No one at Cricket seems to know or care how to protect our accounts! Now whoever took my phone number called bestbuy thrice and failed to authenticate . 

Again, I have read multiple reports of this happening to other cricket customers.

I will be reporting this to the Better Business Bureau and FTC .

Cricket is the worst at protecting its customers and even more so at helping them! How is it that easy for a stranger to pull a scam and steal a phone number while being impossible to prove that you, the account holder, DIDN'T AUTHORIZE IT!!

Cricket has the responsibility and the obligation to investigate and do everything they can to help protect their customers who PAY them for their service!!

Phone calls to Customer Service went nowhere and I want answers and solutions.