Service Quality and Signal are Worse Daily

  • 7 June 2022
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   I’m part of a family plan that has had Cricket for 7 years now. The signal for calls, texts and internet has always been a little spotty but it was workable until a few months ago. Recently, every day the signal has been worse and worse, with internet pretty much ceasing during daylight hours and phone calls being dropped from previously reliable locations. I use this phone for to call people for my work and I’ve had to set up a chair far into my yard to get a signal because the phone no longer calls from inside my house. My mom had to drive ten miles away this morning before her internet came back.

   So, we called Cricket and we’re told our phone plan was old and not really being maintained anymore which might account for the poor signal issue that has developed. I wasn’t thrilled to hear this, considering we were never notified that this might occur, but okay, I understand. It is an old plan. So we signed up for an updated plan at 25% more cost. Since this morning, the service is even worse. I wandered up and down our road in various directions for half and hour to send one text message. I checked the 4lte and 5g map online (using a work device with a different carrier) and our area should be covered. It was covered previously and we could both call and get internet from inside the house. Now we’re traveling half a mile or a mile away to send a text, even with the newly upgraded package. I don’t understand why the signal strength has been declining so rapidly for months and now with a new plan for more money is has vanished altogether. Is anyone else having this problem? Is there something going on with towers that might impact coverage? Is there something I should be doing to improve the signal? I’d hate to have to go to another phone company because all our phones are locked in with Cricket.



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Hi @mbr60 and welcome to the Community Forum! We’re sorry to hear you’re experiencing service issues. We’d be happy to review the current coverage in your area. Please send us a private message and include the name on your account, your wireless number, and the complete address where you’re experiencing issues.

We’re here to help!😃

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We have experienced the same thing! We have called customer  support  and act like they can just reset stuff and it will start to work BUT it doesn’t !! They don’t have the tower power they used to! Wish they would Bc service sucks and attempting to function  with 1 bar is insane !!!