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  • 14 March 2020
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I've been with cricket for 7 yrs..i have had same phone for bout 5yrs now..i pay 80 month every month..for a 2 phone line..if i brought my phone to tjem wouod I receieve a New phone with no charge or of course r they gonna somehow for 25 bucks???😎😎🤗..?Thanxs

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Welcome to the Community Forum @Bigal! We appreciate you being a part of the #CricketNation! You can use any unlocked GSM device on our network. The $25 Upgrade Fee does not apply to non-Cricket devices. The upgrade fee is only charged when you purchase a new Cricket device. #SmileOn:smileyhappy:

Why would Cricket charge a $25 fee?  Are they telling us they would rather us buy the phone elsewhere?  Also, there is supposed to be special pricing on the phone when you upgrade.  Sure doesn't look like they do:

Already a Cricket customer?

Upgrade Price

If you're a current Cricket customer and you're upgrading to a new device, you'll pay the "upgrade" price or "today's price."

Full Retail

If you're a current Cricket customer, but you've already upgraded to a new device within the past 90 days, you'll pay the "full retail" price.


Price is the same as posted on their website.  No discount for upgrading, just an additional $25 fee.