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Changing autopay credit card

I’ve been trying to change my billing credit card for a month now. I’ve called customer service 3x chatted with them 4x and today went to a service kiosk to try to change it. Every single time it failed. I would get confirmation that my card has changed but right after I check, the old card info pops right back up. Anyone else having this kind of issue? I’ve had excuses from “it’s a technical glitch” to “we are updating our systems over the weekend and it should be fixed by Monday”. It’s gotten to the point I don’t think they have any clue what’s going on with their own systems. Anyone have any idea what could be causing this?
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Re: Changing autopay credit card

Hello and welcome to the forum. We recommend turning auto pay off and then reactivating the service. If this does not work please send us a private message on Facebook ( or dm us on twitter @cricketsupport

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Re: Changing autopay credit card

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