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Switching carrier

I am ready to switch carrier because a representative of the cricket voice support team lied to me about price plans and tried to take advantage of the autopay I had set on the account (I will call him rep 1). I was unaware of the whole situation until another representative (rep 2) contacted me about my feedback on a survey I filled about the call which was good feedback towards rep 1 (since I didn’t know I was lied to) and bad towards the service itself because of the uncompetitive pricing. When rep 2 contacted me about this feedback and told me how I am paying $150 a month which is not what I agreed to I told her maybe she’s missing something on the account cause not only did me and rep 1 agree on $130 a month but he also charged me $30 for a switch from my original $100 a month plan I was paying. Rep 2 told me that rep 1 applied a one time discount to give me that pricing and my autopay is set to take out $150 for the next cycle. I told her I was lied to and someone should be able to do something about the situation and if the calls are truely “monitored for quality and control purposes” now would be the time to use those recordings. Rep 2 then told me she will have to do further research on the case and try to get a hold of that recording and contact me back. It’s now been more than enough time and I contacted a cricket chat support agent about maybe getting a retention line number who then stopped responding so I tried contacting another rep on chat who told me the only support number is 1-800-cricket or 611 from my phone and offered me other plans I was not interested in and told me that was the best that could be done. So now I will wait till I’m close to the end of my billing cycle and say bye bye to cricket unless someone contacts me and takes care of this issue which I shouldn’t even be dealing with cause as a cricket customer calling the one support number the service offers I should not be lied to!
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Re: Switching carrier

Hey there @Hamdani! Welcome to our Cricket Community Forum and thank you for your post. We would like to look into this issue further for you. Please reach out to our support team on Facebook ( or Twitter (@cricketsupport) for further assistance. 

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