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Unauthorized Charges

I went to and was looking at phones to upgrade to. Looking, checking prices nothing else. I proceeded to do a Progressive Leasing application and got approved for a lease that was large enough to get the phone I want. So I call the store and make sure they have the phone in stock and they do. I load up and go down to the store. Everything is going fine until the store associate runs my debit card to make the initial payment on the lease. The card was declined and when I looked at my bank account online , I had been charged a $25 upgrade fee for an online order I never placed. And when I called Cricket customer service i was told there was not a payment of $25 listed on my account. However, I then received an email, 5 HOURS LATER, telling me to go finish my order by signing my lease. I have had nothing but trouble with Cricket and trying to get a new phone for over a week now, from being lied to by a store associate to being told Ceicket was going to do nothing about that. And now I'm being charged a $25 upgrade fee when I havent even made an upgrade yet, and never had any plans on doing it online to begin with. But I have a feeling that Cricket is going to screw me over, AGAIN, just like they always do. I hate putting all this on blast in the Forum but this seems to be the only way to get your attention.
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Re: Unauthorized Charges

@bucket2323  Hi there, Cricket here! We will be happy to look into this for you. I will message you privately to ask for more information regarding the account. Please be on the look out!

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