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Not getting calls and texts

I can make calls and send texts but I am not receiving calls or texts on 2 different phones /lines on my account and I have 16 days left before my next bill. It seems to happen mostly when my husband and I are in our house. Every once and again We will get a few texts in a row or a call but then it stops for about 23 hours for around 4 days now. I called cricket and they have no idea. I was on the phone with them for 2 hours. They had me check my volume. Really I am not showing a call coming in at all nor do I get missed calls and texts. They checked the tower nearest me and said it's fine, had us switch or SIM cards then switch them back, went through a few setting things, and it's the next day both phones/lines are still doing it. I have an LG phone and my husband's is a ZTE.Sometimes I'll get like 3 texts from 8 or more hours ago. Please help!! Any ideas????
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Re: Not getting calls and texts

We would be happy to troubleshoot your issue. Please send us a private message on Facebook ( or dm us on twitter (@cricketnation)

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Re: Not getting calls and texts

Cricket is the most awe full service. Do yourself & your husband a favor & switch providers. In the end you will have less stress, more phone/texts & you will not spend anymore of your life on Cricket.
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