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LG G5 no internet after switching to Cricket

Here's the deal, last year I moved and switched to Cricket. The phone tech at the store set my phone up, a LG G5 formally T-mobile. After I left the store I realized I could not access the internet. I had a good signal and 4g insignia but if I went into my browser and tried a search it would time out or say no connection.
Now here is what is weird, if I type in a specific website anything starting with WWW. it will go straight to the website no problem, but then it hangs if I try and navigate any website it will not. Again it will time out or say no connection. Now it is getting internet as I can use messenger, and email. Plus like I said if I type the website page directly it goes. Apps like whatapp still works but with a long delay, ill send a message and it will go but takes a few minutes.

Now i can switch the hotspot on and open my laptop and connect to my phone and use its data and the laptop internet through the phone also works perfectly so again the phone is receiving internet just fine.

Went back to the store and the tech guy there tried for an hour never could fix it, reentered the settings multiple times, settings are all correct. I even tried the phone tech with Cricket, same we could not get it to work. Factory reset dozen time, nothing will fix it. I can dial a number and the phone works fine, just no internet.
Now I have tried a friends sim card, not cricket though. With my friends sim everything works perfect. I went overseas and took it with me since its better than my cricket phone I was forced to get, with the overseas sim it worked perfect also.
So has anyone experienced this before? The phone has no problem since it works with other carriers. The settings are correct redone a dozen times by the tech at the store and myself with the cricket phone tech. 
Can it be the sim card itself? Some T-Mobile factory installed program that's not compatible with cricket?
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Re: LG G5 no internet after switching to Cricket

Hello @robbie2618 ,

Thank you for your post. Please reach out to our support teams via Facebook ( or twitter (@cricketsupport) with this information and your phone number, so they can help. 


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