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LG G6 only getting 3G

I just bought an new in box,  unlocked LG G6 phone.  

The phone is compatible per Cricket's website by entering the IMSI number. 

When we put in the SIM card, we are only getting 3g, instead of 4g LTE.  

The card was previously in the LG X Power and I had no problems.

Any info would be helpful. 

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Re: LG G6 only getting 3G

Hello @jtamburlin,

Please check your phone's APN settings here:

Thank you!

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Re: LG G6 only getting 3G

Thank you for the information.   The Cricket employee did the setup process so I assumed it was correct. 

I went back through the manual setup and noticed that my APN was on : 




instead of 





So I changed that and rebooted the phone.  Your link offers a variety of other settings that I am unable to access because I do not have a settings cog next to internet ndo


Click HERE for a screenshot. 


Your help is appreciated. 

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